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Our proprietary software and building automation system, Focus EBAS, uses control algorithms, carefully designed building interfaces, and sophisticated engineering expertise, as well as AI and machine learning, to continuously monitor environmental conditions and automatically adjust building controls to maintain the perfect temperature. Our team then provides ongoing support and maintenance services that ensure sustained performance.


With experience operating 4.5 million sqm of air-conditioned space, we are trusted to regulate cooling in even the largest buildings.


Needs unique to each industry are targeted and addressed by our proprietary AI software and building automation system.


A trusted partner for cost-effective climate control solutions that still ensure comfort for guests.

We offer comprehensive energy efficiency solutions through air conditioning optimization.

Our expertise lies in revolutionizing energy savings for large-scale air conditioning systems in tropical climates.

We are air conditioning comfort and energy specialists with over 40 years of industry experience operating and troubleshooting large chilled water systems. With our remote operation and optimization service, we help clients in tropical climates, where high temperatures and humidity often pose a challenge, optimize the cooling of their buildings. With a track record of 80+ clients in the Philippines, Thailand, and Guam, we are confident in delivering tangible results in AC energy savings.

Our Services, the Tropical Focus Difference.

As airconditioning and comfort specialists, we saw a void in what was being offered in large building operation in that continued attention was not given to buildings after the AC system was originally installed to maintain efficiency. We have addressed that in our services and our process.
SQM of AC Area
Energy Bill Savings
Years ROI

Our team of seasoned professionals will conduct a thorough evaluation, leveraging our cutting-edge AI software and building automation system to identify opportunities for improvement and cost savings.

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After successfully completing your project, Tropical Focus aims to continue our partnership by providing ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the sustained performance and efficiency of your air conditioning systems.