We provide a comprehensive optimization service to our clients. Our service model is based on 3 strengths.


Bringing and maintaining the existing equipment into design compliance


Optimizing, in real time, operation of the installed equipment to take maximum advantage of its capable efficiency.


Make improvements to the existing systems and controls to better improve comfort and efficiency based on real-time data collected by our proprietary software

Our Process.

Air Conditioning System Energy Audit

We conduct a system performance analysis on the current system. We evaluate current energy consumption. We conduct a comfort analysis.


We determine the right course of action for your building based on collected information.

System Improvements

We propose capital Improvements to bring your building to current industry standards, typically involving upgrading control equipment only.

On-going Optimized Operation

We monitor and control the building’s air conditioning system to take fullest advantage of the system improvements using Focus EBAS (Enterprise Building Automation System)

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